Serpentine Malfoy (serpentmalfoy) wrote,
Serpentine Malfoy

Firefly/Serenity Con

This weekend I have gold seating (translation: spent way too much on seats) to a Firefly/Serenity convention. Yesterday I got to meet Jewel (Kaylee) and Ron (Shepherd Book) and had them sign one of my Firefly Companion books.


Today I am supposed to get to meet and get autographs from Gina (Zoe), Summer (River) and Adam (Jayne).


What I found amusing (which I guess is good rather than let it get to me) was that I just saw Twilight on Friday morning (loved it), so I saw they had an awesome Edward & Bella poster at one of the booths. I bought it for around 29 dollars (It is a big poster so I figured it was around average price.) I got home this morning and looked for the poster on the net to get a picture of it for the poster tube (I bought the poster to be signed at a Twilight con, so I am leaving in a tube until after that) I come to find it available on the net for $7.99 plus shipping. I laughed and said “Oh well… I liked the poster yesterday for $30 so whatever!”

I am surprised with myself that I didn’t let it upset. Usually I am very annoyed when I flub up and pay way too much. But I guess I am still enraptured enough with Twilight that I let it roll off of me.

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