Serpentine Malfoy (serpentmalfoy) wrote,
Serpentine Malfoy

HP Obsessed Much?

Just a bitty post on how HP obsessed I just realized I am....

Attended Lumos 2006 in Las Vegas, NV

Registered to attend:
Portus 2008 - July 10-13, 2008 - Dallas, TX - Want to go too? Click here for info
Wrock Chicago - August 6, 2008 - Chicago, IL - Want to go too? Click here for info
Terminus 2008 - August 7-11, 2008 - Chicago, IL - Want to go too? Click here for info

I have all of the US versions of Harry Potter in hard cover
I have all of the UK versions of Harry Potter as well

I have all of the movies out so far in Widescreen

Lots of toys.. too many to list

A full Slytherin costume: Wand, robe, scarf, sweater, tie, skirt, shoes... you get the picture

My desktop on my computer has both Terminus and Portus logos... just so I can remember in less than a year now I get to go to 2 HP conferences...

Desktop pic below:

And I am sure I have forgotten even more. It just hit me as I was cruising LJ, the Terminus boards, and the Portus boards for my daily dose of HP news that I am getting a bit obbsessed. Oh well! I could care less!
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