Serpentine Malfoy (serpentmalfoy) wrote,
Serpentine Malfoy


I have been absent from LJ for 35 weeks according LJ. *Yikes!*

I was a casualty of the University system (my final Senior year finally!) After graduation last June I have been running around to other Universities to take more advanced and specialized courses then I had taken before for my BA in Graphic Design. That has left little time for life, especially cyber life! But here I am, almost a year later and wrapping up most of my extra education through online classes, thus giving me an excuse to be online once more. At least until this summer when I start my REAL job. *Shivers!* I hope I will still get to LJ and read the copious amounts of Fan Fiction that sustains my will to live.

I look forward to getting to know everyone again, or for the first time as the case may be.

-- Jenn
AKA Serpentine Malfoy
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