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Sunday, June 27th, 2004
7:58p - * Snogs *
I just want to say thank you to son_of_darkness. Your kind words really cheered me up... you know I am in the dumps since my boyfriend has run off to another country until Thursday.

I had a very good time making an icon and picture for his funny drabble, Whore!Draco Fic for Dummies. If you haven't read and hugged him yet for it. What are you waiting for? It is a very funny way to spend a couple of minutes.

I am so proud that he likes my icon and picture... * Smiles and Waves *

In case you haven't read the comments to the fic, son_of_darkness and I have run off to the country to raise our love child. :P That will teach my boyfriend to go away for 11 days... I have found a new beau, so there!

I am now off to beta for an author... I really have too much time on my hands... I knew my graduating from University was going to be a change... I just didn't know it was going to give me this much free time... basks in the glow of HP addiction... YES!!

current mood: flirty
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