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Firefly/Serenity Con

This weekend I have gold seating (translation: spent way too much on seats) to a Firefly/Serenity convention. Yesterday I got to meet Jewel (Kaylee) and Ron (Shepherd Book) and had them sign one of my Firefly Companion books.


Today I am supposed to get to meet and get autographs from Gina (Zoe), Summer (River) and Adam (Jayne).


What I found amusing (which I guess is good rather than let it get to me) was that I just saw Twilight on Friday morning (loved it), so I saw they had an awesome Edward & Bella poster at one of the booths. I bought it for around 29 dollars (It is a big poster so I figured it was around average price.) I got home this morning and looked for the poster on the net to get a picture of it for the poster tube (I bought the poster to be signed at a Twilight con, so I am leaving in a tube until after that) I come to find it available on the net for $7.99 plus shipping. I laughed and said “Oh well… I liked the poster yesterday for $30 so whatever!”

I am surprised with myself that I didn’t let it upset. Usually I am very annoyed when I flub up and pay way too much. But I guess I am still enraptured enough with Twilight that I let it roll off of me.

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I went to Comic Con this year in full Slytherin costume. I had the robe, sweater, tie, skirt and wand. I braved the San Diego heat, in way TOO many layers so I could get a chance to wear my costume. Short of the occasional convention or movie premiere I don’t get many opportunities to wear it.

When I got to the registration area to pick up my badge the lady greeting at the door said, “Harry Potter costume, right?” I smiled and said yes.

I got my badge and walked with my mom to a restroom near the huge line of people waiting for one autograph or another. Three teenage boys stopped me and asked if they could take my picture. I said sure. After the photo was taken I overheard the one boy asking the others, “She was a Slytherin, right? From Harry Potter?” At least he got it right.

I met another girl in full Slytherin attire towards the back of the exhibit hall working one of the independent artists’ booths. We said hi and complimented each other going as Slytherin.

Now, I assumed that would be just about it for people recognizing my outfit. Not quite. As I was walking the aisles and aisles of booths I heard a lady in the booth next to me shout. “Hey, a Hogwarts costume. Cool!” As I turned to say thank you I watched her face do an almost comic fall. She then even said, “But you’re dressed as a Slytherin!” I turned a sweet smile on her and replied, “Somebody has to be!”

I was just surprised that in the real world, or as real a world as you find at a comic convention, there was actually someone that had a real problem with the fact I “dared” to dress as a Slytherin. Like we all should be Gryfindors! That house has never matched my personality in anyway. The moment I read the books I knew if I were to go to Hogwarts the hat would place me in Slytherin faster than it placed Draco Malfoy!

Harry Wand


I have been absent from LJ for 35 weeks according LJ. *Yikes!*

I was a casualty of the University system (my final Senior year finally!) After graduation last June I have been running around to other Universities to take more advanced and specialized courses then I had taken before for my BA in Graphic Design. That has left little time for life, especially cyber life! But here I am, almost a year later and wrapping up most of my extra education through online classes, thus giving me an excuse to be online once more. At least until this summer when I start my REAL job. *Shivers!* I hope I will still get to LJ and read the copious amounts of Fan Fiction that sustains my will to live.

I look forward to getting to know everyone again, or for the first time as the case may be.

-- Jenn
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* Vacation *

I am going on vacation as of today. Yeah! I need a vacation (though I will probably go through withdrawals without my internet for over a week!)

I will return Monday the 19th… I will try to sort through my flist to see what I missed. But if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, if anything cool happens, could you drop me a response to this post to keep me in the loop.

Hugs my flist… you all rock.

-- Serpentine Malfoy
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Taken from darkasphodel...

98% of the teenage population does/has tried pot. If you're part of the 2% who hasn't, copy this in your journal.

I'm part of that 2% too. I am 24 as well, and I don't drink, smoke or anything else like that. My most dangerous hobby.... the chance of a wrist injury from to much typing on HP forums. :P

So don't feel bad, I'm a goody two shoes too.
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* Meep *

I ran off to take the quiz linked from son_of_darkness....

And I ended up with S & M!!!

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I do have a thing for handcuffs... and I do have a tattoo so maybe its not entirely insane. :)
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